Colts Sign Veteran QB Kerry Collins    August 24th 2011

Former Giants, and Titans QB Kerry Collins decided to come out of his brief retirement to provide insurance to an injured Peyton Manning.


The 38 year old QB signed with the Colts thursday, 1 month after he announced his retirement. The Colts were looking for a solid backup after 2 bad performances by Dan Orlovsky and Curtis Painter. They got that guy in Kerry Collins. Although Kerry Collins is not the greatest starter, he is a very impressive backup, doing a good job replacing the troubled Vince Young while in Tennessee. His signing is for insurance purposes only, which means that he's the guy to go to if Peyton's injured. This should be his only year on the Colts. 

Kerry Collins is coming off 2 below average seasons with the Titans, but to his credit, the offensive line and the receivers were poor. This is all beside the point because Peyton Manning will probably play Week 1. Peyton Manning has never missed a game in his entire 13 year career, but you never know what could happen during the year, especially with a bad neck injury. If something bad does happen, they have Kerry Collins to come in and help.

Colins should easily beat out Painter and Orlovsky for the backup job, but the question is: will he stay on the team for the full year?  

Some of the Colts players didn't react that great to the situation, instead of welcoming Collins they stood up for Curtis Painter. Reggie Wayne was quoted saying " We don't even know him, we ain't vanilla, man, we ain't no simple offense. So for him to come in here and be the starter, I don't see it. I think that's a step back"

Jim Caldwell was asked to comment on the signing:

"He is a veteran quarterback who has started many games and he brings dimension and depth to the quarterback position, which will be helpful," Caldwell said. "He is familiar with our division and will make a great addition to our roster. I think he laid out pretty well where he is, and that he is working extremely hard to try and get back as quickly as he possibly can," Caldwell said Monday. "He's going to work hard at trying to get back and get ready, and he's doing everything he can to do so."

Collins is 2 time Pro Bowl selection, the most recent one coming in 2008, and is a college standout. He should fit in nicely. 
























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